What's in the box?

We know how difficult it can be to decipher the features of a software you've never seen before. That's why we put our features into two different categories.

Wiselab is "software as a service" (SaaS) and mobile first.

Main features

Integrated authoring tool

No need for an extra "old school" authoring tool software that other LMS consider mandatory. 

We have integrated an authoring tool so you can get started creating content ASAP.

Microlearning approach

Bite-sized knowledge units that can be composed of content (images, videos, text, audio ect.) and/or questionnaires (single & multiselect, true/false, numeric selection etc.) that follow the principles of work psychology for consistant, sustainable learning results.

Adaptive learning system

By using a similar appraoch to "reading comprehension", users will automatically get new learning modules depending on their scores.

This way, new knowledge can be acquired and deficits erradicted. 

Community elements

Use the already created content to generate a Wiki, in which your users can search and collaborate. 

Encourage discussions in Forums & Chat.

Meet online with Videoconferencing.


Some people like it, some don't. For whom it may concern: here is a list of Wiselab's additional features.

Encrypted filemanager

UI in any language desirable

White-label solution
(your own CI)

Custom mailserver & templates

Exposed APIs

Multi-tenancy capability

60+ permissions for different roles

Customizable certificates

(self creation of tasks)

Statistics excel export