Real-world examples

This list has been curated by a variety of our clients. These examples show how Wiselab is used by a wide range of companies in and outside of Germany as of right now. 

Please do not hesitate to inform us if we've missed a case of application.


Disseminate information about your company's products and services

Is your new, complex product line about to be launched? Are you expanding your service spectrum? While your engineers, software developers and marketers have been working hard for the last six months and know every detail of their role, it that enough for a successful market launch? With Wiselab, you can create and tailor your employees understanding. With the click of a button you can combine your business knowledge with our advanced learning AI to create an easy to use micro-learning experience for your people.  

Automated onboarding – save time and money

Help your new employees hit the ground running with a cloud based web app onboarding process. Before starting work, you can provide your new employees with introductory information about your corporate structure, internal protocols, work processes and procedures, and corporate culture. Create standardised information packages and questionnaires once that you can track and monitor at a glance.


Compliance training

Keep up to date with your industry compliance obligations. There are hundreds of different compulsory standardized industry requirements, many of which may apply to your company. Use eLearning to limit your liability and help your staff understand their responsibilities. Build a program once and use it as many times as you need . With our monitoring system, you can ensure everyone’s knowledge is current.

Sales training

Traditionally, sales departments have one of the highest staffing turnovers. Each new hire requires specific product and services training in order to achieve the high standards you place on your company image and customer satisfaction.  

Effective selling is a skill set, which has to be acquired and embraced. Wiselab enables you to explain sales techniques and company values efficiently. The continuous learning process runs almost autonomously thanks to the planning tools within the software. As you remain fully in control, you can make changes or enhancements to suit your needs.


Streamline assessment centers

Before the beginning of the hiring process, assessment centers must deal with a vast number of unknown variables. With only superficial advanced knowledge of the applicants’ qualifications and aptitudes, effectively allocating resources to assess and sort candidates can be challenging.  

Wiselab enables the host to contact all participants prior to an event and make them undergo a customized pre-sorting process, from anywhere. Using the software you can create questionnaires, distribute them to all applicants through the app, evaluate the results, and then reassess your allocation of staff and resources. 

Inhouse Certifications

When purchasing new equipment, special vehicles or machines, you have to hope that the manufacturer’s training session was sufficient for the staff. Sure, your staff has been certified in the beginning, yet there are equipment outages or damages due to improper handling. In the worst-case scenario, workplace accidents occur because the operator could no longer remember all of the safety instructions.  

Wiselab can effectively support your inhouse certifications. Simply create content supported by the actual manuals or relevant materials. With these, your staff can reflect on their knowledge on machine functionality, maintenance plans, work safety or similarly important tasks.