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Digital learning has never been more effective.  

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Are you a business looking to scale? We want to help you maintain a close bond with your people and keep your identity, that which makes you special, so that you can thrive when taking that next step.


Be in control of your corporate culture and learning structure through advanced AI eLearning with Wiselab. Utilize your company branding and corporate colors to bond your people to your brand.


We are a young, passionate and dedicated team. Let us assist you in the process and help create a holistic learning management system for success. 


Seamless integration, real results

Customer testimonials

"The 'Sano Campus' (what we internally call Wiselab²) is now a virtual place for exchange among employees as well as for joint learning."

- Christina Baumann (Sano)

"We needed a tool to convey specialist knowledge to our employees working throughout Germany quickly, efficiently and memorably"

- Frank Middendorf (Rosengarten)

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"We use Wiselab as an e-learning platform, as this software enables effective knowledge transfer through the use of microlearning."

- Bernd Mahn (PRAE)


Optimize sales, employee retention and processes of your company.


Automate your onboarding and constantly keep ahead of your compliance obligations.

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